Product Care

“Handle Me With Care”

Some instructions relating to unpacking
and long-term care of your archival pigment print.

  1. Remove all tape that was used during shipping. Even the tiniest piece can find its way on to your historic map print and damage the surface.
  2. To remove a map print from a tube, start by uncapping one end and carefully removing the loose packing material. Your map print will be rolled against the inside wall of the tube. Make sure you have enough space for your print to uncurl. Gently reach in for the corner of your print on the inside most curl. Very gently move the corner in the direction of the curl (make your rolled up print slightly smaller to get it out easily) and slowly pull the print out of the tube.
  3. Handle the map print only by the edges, preferably with clean white cotton gloves. The oils from you hands can affect the PH of the paper and reduce the archival qualities. Fingerprints on dark areas can show up as sheen if you’re not careful.
  4. Use two hands to support your map print, so it will not bend. A crease in the print is permanent.
  5. Do not use your hands to wipe off any dust, this can scratch the surface. Use canned air gently and always keep the can upright.
  6. Be gentle. Some of the fine art papers we use are a fibrous media. if you rub your map ink on the surface can scratch off.
  7. Keep moisture or condensation from getting on the print. Although pigment ink is fairly water resistant, water can still cause damage. A water drop on the print surface will be permanently visible when dry.
  8. When framing, it is best to use only archival supplies. Wood frames and paint that contain chemicals  can omit harmful gases that can degrade the ink and paper.
  9. Don’t use the cardboard materials we package our prints in for long-time storage of your print, they are NOT archival and are intended for shipping only.
  10. Use common sense– storing or exhibiting a print in bright sunlight may cause fading or discolouration, the lightfastness of a print is determined by assuming a print will be correctly framed, and not subjected to direct sunlight without any framing.