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Framing & Free Worldwide Delivery

An exciting new addition to our online shop is now available. All of our 500+ historical map prints are now available as framed prints. We’re currently offering free worldwide delivery on these items.

We’ve introduced two framing options to begin with; a “Classic Frame”, stained black wood with a perspex glaze. The print itself is produced on our standard, archival, 285gsm, slightly textured matt stock. These combination is lovely and we think our “Classic Frame” offers a good balance between affordability and quality.

Our “Museum Quality” option is outstanding. Again, real wood, stained with a brown finish. We use ‘true view’ museum grade glass. That’s an anti-glare glaze with archival properties expected from a museum piece. The paper is a 320gsm variation of the standard matt stock we use, the texture is accentuated and has an extremely impressive appearance. All of the photographs in our online shop have been updated to show this option. We think these are the finest reproductions available.

As mentioned, worldwide delivery is at no additional charge. We’ve also added a priority service which offers UK customers 1-2 day delivery, customers in North America can upgrade for a 2-3 day priority delivery. Processing time is 3 working days, this is the time it will take to print your old map and build the frame. Bespoke framing options coming soon, please get in contact should you require a custom order.

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Mapping the Maps

We’re currently busy identifying – in fantastic detail – each of our Blaeu maps. This is taking an outrageous amount of effort between ourselves and a very clever developer.

The purpose of this work, called ‘geocoding’ is to allow future users of our website to search for a map by giving a modern-day reference point. Enter a place name like “London, UK” and you’ll see a list of our Blaeu prints which inhabit that area. Its something we’ll release in the coming weeks. Very exciting.

Anyway– I wanted to share this strange result we just got from the software, it shows each of the maps currently identified in Europe by their ‘bounding box’, all together on one, very messy, map. I thought it was strangely beautiful. I wonder if Blaeu himself ever created such an outline?

More on this project soon.

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Black Friday Coupon – Free Worldwide Shipping

Valid until Midnight, Monday 27th. Just enter code at checkout: BLAEUFRIDAY

It’s Black Friday so they say. As you will most likely be overwhelmed by underwhelming offers I thought I would supply you with a truly useful coupon that you might actually use on our new website:

Here’s a coupon that entitles you to free worldwide shipping. No catch!

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An Introduction

on a (working!) holiday in Holland

My name is Callum and I’m delighted you’ve found the!

I primarily work for artists to produce limited edition giclée prints from their original art with my company launched in Edinburgh back in 2016.

With this shop, which I’ve titled ‘The Blaeu Prints’, I offer historical map prints using the very same printing method that my professional art clients use to create work to hang in museums or sell as limited editions.

This is without a doubt the the highest quality printing available. I not only use genuine Pigment inks (a requirement of giclée printing, which you can read more about here) but also use the most luxurious paper available. Namely- Hahnemühle.

I offer no-nonsense giclée prints. I don’t cut corners with cheap equipment, unbranded paper or ink. Many elements must align to create a great print, not least the temperament of the print operator and quality ingredients.

My passion for fine art printing is borne out of a decade of experience in commercial print and design. Over the past six years I’ve purchased several giclée printers and learned through experience how to get the best possible results reproducing artists’ original works on various materials.

I was introduced to the benefits of giclée printing after working with many artists in a commercial reprographic setting. There it seemed very difficult to create consistent results, the range of material available from suppliers was limited and I found it very difficult to deal with the limitations of laser print equipment which is not capable of producing the high quality artists demand. I realised a very different approach was required.

Through years of research, trial and error I developed my own process for producing giclée prints. Often I would use old maps (of which I have quite a few) to ‘optimise’ and test my equipment. And these were always a good talking point when explaining the giclée process to artists. Sometimes clients would ask to purchase these historical map prints from me! So I added them to my shop.

My temperament seems well suited to giclée printing, I’m patient and a real stickler for perfection. I enjoy discussing work with my clients, and my aim is to build relationships with each artist I work with. I enjoy being part of a collaboration, less of a service.

When it comes to selling historical map prints it seems all these strengths combine; high quality equipment along with my propensity to master their use. The knowledge of inks and paper from 10 years of commercial printing. Along with the connections I make with customers, like you, who care about the finished article and perhaps have a connection with the place on the map. I love hearing stories from people all over the world regarding their reasons for purchasing a historical map print from me.

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What is Giclée?

Giclée printing is mentioned quite often on this website and I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain in the most straightforward way what the phrase means.

The term ‘Giclée’ often describes printing at a high resolution with accurate colour.

The technical term for what we produce is actually: Archival Pigment Print. Which refers to the combination of high resolution, accurate colour and most importantly; archival paper.

That is, paper which has little or no acid content. This material will hold pigment colour for a LONG time, unlike photo paper which tends to fade or deteriorate.

Such ‘Giclée’ (or ‘Archival Pigment Prints’) hold their colour and clarity for a minimum of 100 years with no noticeable change in colour.

What you are buying will last generations, it is an investment and a work of art.

With all prints purchased from ‘the Blaeu Prints’ we supply a Care sheet which explains how best to look after your print.

the archival pigment printer
close up photo of paper