The purpose of this shop is to allow anyone to own one of Blaeu’s maps, perhaps you’ll purchase a map for a friend- wouldn’t it be the perfect housewarming present, or gift for Dad? We have a huge archive and if there’s a particular place you (or someone you know) might be interested in, we’ll do our damnedest to find a detailed map worthy of reproduction from our archive of the ‘Atlas Maior’. Blaeu – the blueprint for all mapmakers to come Blaeu’s 11 volume ‘Atlas Maior’ was the most marvellous atlas ever published. Not only is it comprehensive but it excelled engraving, colour, and overall production to another level. 400 years old and it still seems like an unearthly endeavour for mankind to have produced such a work of art!

For many decades we have collected snippets of the atlas and been reminded of the wonderful people who created it by visiting museums containing their works on display. Our archive has been digitised and is wonderful to view on screen, but even more enchanting when printed, at actual size, then framed and hung above the mantle piece. It is a true delight to now offer you these pages of history as ‘Museum Quality’ giclée reproductions. If you’d like to know more about the print process- we’ve just added a blog post titled What is Giclée which may interest you.


Museum Quality

We have been disappointed by recent remastered editions of the ‘Atlas Maior’ that exist all too commonly. Many are sole-less posters, cleaned up or over saturated copies, some are good prints but corrections have been made to ‘fix’ Blaeu’s antique works in the infancy of photoshop. If you’ve seen these crude, over contrasted copies you’ll see the difference in quality compared to our historical map prints. So partly this shop also exists because it seemed no one was doing the legacy of Blaeu justice. We are a small company from Scotland. We ship worldwide (details about shipping/delivery: here) and already have hundreds of happy customers throughout the world. Should you wish to know more, we have started a company blog. You can find this by following the link to: shop.blaeuprints.com/blog/

We also have a Contact Us page where you can send a direct message about anything on this website.